Example ForceRanks

To give you an idea about what ForceRank can do, let's start with a sample question. Pick one that is relevant to you or skip right ahead and create your own.

  1. Annual Planning is the #1 ForceRank use case

    Hundreds of executive teams use ForceRank as a step in their planning process.

    Most commonly they use it to narrow down the field of choices before a kickoff meeting or use it at the end to force hard tradeoff discussions.

  2. Product Prioritization

    As a product person, prioritization is the name of the game.

    Our stakeholders want it all and specifically their project. Sharing a ForceRank with them can be incredibly valuable to help them see the big picture and build tradeoff empathy.

  3. Choosing a Topic

    Running a conference, offsite or event?

    Give people a choice in the content and they will feel bought in even before the event starts.

    Your event will thrive if the topic is one that really resonates.

  4. Engineering

    There are 100 different things you and your team should fix. But where to focus?

    We all know estimation has a diminishing level of return after a point, sometimes we just need to rank and go.

    Use ForceRank to get the team aligned and see the differences in opinions.

  5. What Would You Do With $10,000

    Sometimes you just want to ForceRank for fun ;)

Skip the example! Let me create my own or import a list from Trello